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imageI think the web site below is a good tool! It’s still about teaching the kids perfect bio-mechanical movements so that the muscles in the body are used and not the tendons and ligaments in the elbow or shoulder. They also have to pay more attention to the labrum in the shoulder area where full recovery is not a given. Pitch counts and not letting kids throw too many innings is good but more important is teaching kids the correct kinetic chain movements. What we see all the time are kids not using their lower body to solidify upper body mechanics. And as u know, the lower body is the first step in keeping the throwing arm safe!  Pitching coaches may be able to see it, but we know how to fix it!  Oh yea, and if your high school, college and professional pitching coach is giving you advice and not filming, “walk away” they are guessing.  As good as I am using the visual eye, the speed of throwing a baseball and making sure the kinetic chain of events is providing a safe and effective use of the arm cannot be accurately diagnosed without filming!