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Full Armor Pitching Tip: Felix Hernandez

You want to throw hard, remember Force = Mass x Acceleration

Moving the Spine for Performance:
“The spine cannot be rotated axially without flexing. The spinal engine theory requires the lumbar spine to be flexed laterally if an axial torque is to be induced.”

There are three possible spinal movements:
Extension (lordosis)/Flexion – standing tall, or arching the lower back. And think of Flexion as rounding the back,
Lateral Flexion or Side bending – standing tall, then flexing the upper body sideways at the waist, and
Axial Rotation – this is the shoulders rotating opposite the pelvis. Think of this as torque or how a gear box works. If two of the above are present, then almost always the end result is the third. All explosive rotational athletes, have to abide by these rules to human movement.
If your body can’t do this naturally or you want to improve your velocity, strength and flexibility training with our certified strength coach, Damien Smith (CSCS) is the answer you are looking for!

Let’s see how Felix Hernandez uses his mechanics to create velocity!
Note: Notice how his head is not leaking forward!

Check out “Felix Hernandez” on video below who usually throws about 95MPH and has hit 104MPH!Notice how he uses back leg drive to create linear energy forward! Then once his front foot hits the ground, his left hip (analogy of a door hinge that is secured to the door frame) does not continue to drift forward or move. Now he can transfer that linear energy vertically up through the upper body (torque) and finish with his chest over his front knee and manages to keep his head and shoulders up (strong front side). And although these are pitching mechanics, hitting a baseball follows the same law of physics.

Watch this YouTube video of Felix here: