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Full Armor Pitching Tip – Carlos Martinez

Although the St. Louis Cardinals did not win the world series, we were able to see one of the best short bullpen guys in the league, Carlos Martinez. If you watched the series, you may have seen Carlos throw his 100MPH fastball! Some quick references about his delivery:

In first picture, Carlos does a great job of moving fast down the hill with good back leg drive. Second, notice how he has the ball in his hand pointing at the shortstop position on landing his front foot in a direct line towards home plate. Also notice how he takes all his weight forward in a linear motion. In second picture, notice how Carlos leads his arm with his body and chest and NOT leading with the elbow. Notice the position of the chest over the front knee.
carlos martinez
These are some of the attributes of Carlos Martinez which allow him to throw as hard as he does and to keep his arm safe!