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Full Armor Pitching Tip: Release point!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, however, many of you know how crazy this time of the year is between baseball classes and scouting. Have many great reports from many of you about how well your son and/or daughter are doing. Freshmen making varsity teams, scholarships, and all kinds of great performances.

But I wanted to discuss “the pitcher’s release point”. As i was sitting with my Business Affairs Manager, Johnny Robertson on Tuesday, we were talking about Cole Hamels of the Phillies. I was also asking many of our pitchers a similar question. “Why couldn’t Cole Hamels keep his pitches down in the strike zone”? There were a couple faults that were glaring. First, Cole was stepping across his body with his front leg, meaning that he was throwing across his body. It was hard to watch especially when he worked so hard on his pitching mechanics the year before and was “lights out”! Second, due to him pushing off his back leg and moving faster last year, he was attacking the zone and getting on top of his pitches. So what happened? Not sure. But one thing is for sure, because of these mechanics, Cole found himself pitching what I call, “up hill”. Remember, before you get to throw the baseball, the body must be applying certain laws of physics (Take it up with Sir Isaac Newton). If you deviate from these laws, you are simply going to lose command and movement on your ball. So by Cole having these two noticeable flaws (throwing across his body and not pushing off the pitching rubber), he couldn’t get the movement on his pitches and he couldn’t get the ball down in the zone, hence, towering home runs!

Remember, by practicing sound body mechanics, you get the arm / hand to the correct release point and will be throwing on a downward plane, working with gravity instead of throwing up hill and working against gravity! In closing, always remember,

“Play in the Zone”!

PS. Even though we continue to have many classes throughout the week, please contact your instructor as early as possible during the week to help ensure easier scheduling. Thank you.

Chuck Bushbeck