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Full Armor Strength Training and Injury Prevention Program:

As many of u know, we at Full Armor offer nothing but professional training and we have now taken that to another level.  Our kids are signing Major League Contracts and receiving significant financial support because of their athletic prowess.  I met with Justin Shaginaw MPT, ATC (Sports Physical Therapy) who is the head trainer under Dr. Bartolozzi (Previously with Philadelphia Flyers and Philadelphia Eagles) at Aria Health care last week.  After individuals have finished their physical therapy related to throwing injuries, those individuals will be referred to Full Armor baseball academy so that those players do not repeat the same mechanics which got them hurt in the first place, so that we can make adjustments in their throwing motion.  Remember, Pitching is a very violent act (physical movement) and one can hurt himself unless his “kinetic chain” is perfected. 

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In turn, we will be recommending that players with arm injuries who first come to us will be immediately referred to Justin Shaginaw for assessment and appropriate course of action.  They will also be offering strength assessments to players to ensure appropriate flexibility and improve imbalances in the body which affect performance and could also cause arm injuries.  Justin will be meeting with our personal strength coach, Joe Del Viscio, to enusre that our Full Armor Players and affiliated coaches are recieving the best scientific information out there and the continuity of that care.  Players and teams have already started to call to have Joey Del Viscio come to their home or team practices to ensure that our players are provided with the most sound scientific information to help prevent injuries as well as perform at the highest levels.  If you would like information on this service, please contact me below or Joe Del Viscio, (ISSA Certified) directly at 267-068-0188.  And yes (someone already asked), Joey does personal training for individuals and other sports related training programs who want to feel the rush of performing with a personal trainer!


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