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Madison Bumgarner Pitching Mechanics

imageimageimageimageFull Armor Pitching tip:  Madison Bumgarner mechanics broken down!
Full Armor Training Baseball Pitching tip: Breaking down Madison Bumgarner mechanics! At first, you would think Bumgarner has too much swing in his arm (1st picture). Actually, so-called professionals tried to fix his mechanics that weren’t broken in the first place and almost seriously injured Bumgarner’s arm. (2nd Picture) notice how he has his arm cocked and ready to go on a 90 degree upon landing his front foot. This allows him to use the swing of his upper half of hi…s body while the lower half stabilizes. Then notice the head positioning and the external rotation he gets with his arm (3rd picture) as he stretches out the front side of his upper body and uses that pulling motion for velocity! (4th picture) notice how upon releasing the ball his right leg locks due to the good transfer of energy from his right hip / lower back across his stomach to his pec muscle and then finishes almost square to the plate with his chest over his front knee so that he can get on top of his pitches and work with gravity anywhere he wants to throw and throw all his pitches effectively! For a great slow motion video of his mechanics go to link: